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After many years, there will be time that people in the future, will call our time as a "dreariness era”. Weird things are happening. I am meeting different kind of people. Some, they try to show that they are happy but I just see in their eyes the sadness. Somehow they see being unhappy or sad as a weakness. That ego will kill of us. We all have it. Not all, okay okay. Most of us do have it. I don't. When was the time we have learnt being emotional is a sign of being weak. I don't know who the one who taught us this was a weakness. They teach us ignore the problem, jump over it, blame it on others, go around it but no one teaches us how to deal with it, with the pain, with the wound it opens. Learning of dealing with is the true maturity. Life is all about overcoming all the problems which we will ever face with.


Every corner I turn my head, every street I walk into, every heart I touch to have this deep dark feeling. I am not sure how to call it yet. It is just the feeling of seeking the better. It might the cause of capitalism we have been forced to, we have been imposed to. It might be the life style we have been forced to dream by commercials, movies and TV series. I know a lot of people wish to have super powers. I am one of them. This shows the power of impact of TV.


I don’t even remember how it started. You know, we adapt things so easily like we have born with it. Like cellphones. I know many of you, when you have born, you had it but me, no. We get used to the same way to the sadness, darkness, happiness, the smell in the room. But there are a lot of people who couldn't adopt in their home land. I am one of them. Since I am, I have started searching for others like me. I have been many places, cities, countries, hostels, many subways, many dark streets... I was on the search of lost souls. I always knew that I wasn't alone. And I always knew that not everyone on this path is a good person.


I just want to tell you all: you are not alone. I know I am not. Does this should make me feel better? Absolutely no.