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By the year we get wherever we are comfortable and then we start being scared of changes. I don't know how and why people get this when they get older. That was one of my biggest concern when I was young. Now I see myself getting there. I don't want to leave my comfort zone. I don't want to be in a new sea. I want my routine. It is one of the basic instincts of human nature. But I have decided not to be in my comfort zone anymore. A comfort zone is a beautiful place but nothing grows there.


I had to change or did I found myself? Since I am Gemini my mood changes every other second. Even when I am writing this I have started with some other thoughts. I came to this point where I want to leave my comfort zone and I want to stay in at the very same time.


To be able get out of my comfort zone I should define it first. First thing comes to my mind is my bed of course. Every new day starts when I get out of my bed. I take risks while getting out of my bed. My loneliness is another comfort zone which I want to get out. Maybe I am stuck in here. I try and I try and I fail. All over again. My country is my comfort zone. I can leave it any second without a second thought. My friends are my comfort zone. Some of them were. Now I am a bit out of my comfort zone. Commitment and being attached to things are comfort zones.


I am trying to have less things and more moments. I don't save money anymore to be comfortable in the future. I take the risk. I am not commuting to the things. I am buying stuff that I need but I am not getting attached. Things are not important. Only when I lose everything I can be free. Being free is out of anyone's comfort zone. I want to be free as a bird. Nothing to own nothing to owe.