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I am renting out my place. There is a woman outside of my place. It is windy and wind fondles her hair softly. She has a smile on her face, beautiful and breathe taking. She round her arms around like she is hugging someone. it is obvious that she is looking for something. Maybe for a place. My place. She is looking inside of my place thru the window. She likes it but she has doubts about the place if it is the one she wants or not. She looks like the one tenant I would like to have. I think, She could have the place for the rest of her life. She thinks it is broken and demonstrated too much. She looks away for a second and sees another place for rent. It is smaller but she wants to see. She goes to other place. She looks inside and likes this one even more. I feel like she is between but there is nothing I can offer at the moment. I have already started fixing things. It won't take too much to make it ready. But still she chooses the other place. I still invite her to my place. It is a little bit messy but feels like home when you come in. It takes risk to take the first step but it will be the best step is what I would like to tell her. And I would be more than happy to host her.