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This summer was a new era in my life. It also happens to coincide with the time when I first met her. I was meeting new people from all over the world nearly every day. Nothing was actually boring, but I could still find a million reasons to get bored.


It was a fucking crowded place. I didn't really notice her in that crowd. Actually I didn't notice anyone there. She wasn't the girl I have been waiting all my life to meet. People who know me know the stereotype of what I like and she was not that girl by the look. Also I wasn't her type.


We were at a bar full of people. She was there, shining. I was just sitting there next to her, sipping my beer, talking with her. Somehow I felt happy which I usually don't. This is how it starts. She was impossible from the first second. Next thing I know, we're watching sunset on the hunt for some booze. Next time we were in the countryside. Next, we were doing something else. It didn't really matter what we were doing but we were doing together. Every time I saw her, my blood pressure has changed. I wasn't me anymore. But I knew she was impossible. At least to me. I didn't care. I still don't care. She was my impossible girl.


How else I would define her? My impossible girl. She is always independent, always strong, always funny - she is always exactly what I need, what I want. And she always knew that. But I wasn’t her type. When I was dreaming about spooning her she was dreaming about another girl.


The time was cruel this time, it didn't heal it wounded. Her poisonous smiles were slowly tearing me into a million pieces. Everyone will die eventually. But dying each day for another reason... there are lots of strange things going on my life each day. Like having everything but having nothing at the same time. Because it's only you who wants to make the pie tastier.


Love could be the strength I would need every time I had a hit by life. The world believed in this. The world believed in power of love. I wanted to believe too. But... What was love? Have I ever loved somebody? Am I capable of loving? I cannot say that I love my impossible girl. All I know is I am happy when I am next to her.