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Days in Lithuania are over and me and my friend Serkan going to Riga from Palanga by bus. I knew a lot of things and I had friends in Lithuania so we weren't really tourist in here but we didn't know anything about Riga at all. I mostly like to have everything under control but this time we didn't even have our hostel booked. The ride itself was about 5-6 hours. There were almost no one in the bus so we could easily fall asleep. I wanted to see the small villages on the road but I was too tired for this.


Here we are in the city center of Riga. We don't speak the language, we don't have their currency (Lats-LVL), and we don't know how valuable their money is. All I know I have a credit card and I am hungry. So we sat down on a cafe where we can see everyone. It was a sunny day and everyone was out. There were lots of tourists too. I saw the prices on the menu and numbers were too small. I was suspicious but I didn't have internet to check it. Anyway we had good lunch and tried a lot of booze on the menu. Because it seemed cheap. In total our bill was around 50 LVL. I payed with credit card and started walking around. We met one guy in the street named Ian. He was selling tickets for night clubs. Since I was doing the same job last year in Bodrum, Turkey, I wanted to talk to the guy and maybe buy the ticket. We have chatted a little bit and get some info about Riga. In the end we didn't buy the tickets because we didn't want to go to that night club. That's another story. The best tip he gave us was all the girls are soft escorts. You know you meet them in the street and they take you some cafes/restaurants/bars etc. where they have agreement. The agreement is that they bring customers and they add some extra to bill for this women and they are paid. This is the biggest scam I have ever seen. At first, I was suspicious about the guy but when we met girls I knew something was wrong. Girls were smoking hot and it has never been so easy to meet them. The first second they wanted to ask a bar which Ian told us. He told us which cafes are in the scam. Then it clicked and we left girls. At first day, seeing this scam actually ruined the first day. Anyway we needed a hotel/hostel. A cheap one. We found an internet cafe and finally we booked something nice. Takin shower and a nap get our moods back and we started drinking in the room. We were ready to go out but was still a little bit afraid of scams. My friend found a really nice night club named La Rocca where only locals go. La Rocca is the best club I have ever seen. I don't like to pay entrance fee but it worth it. There are a few different stages on your music taste. And girls... They are all amazing. Guys are friendly too. I became good friend with bartender. It happens a lot. I don't know why :)). We went the same place 3 nights in a row and they already knew us. I had really good time here. Last night before I leave La Rocca I wanted to say good-bye to bartender. He was about to cry. He was a good guy. He was warning about those soft escorts too. He gave me free drinks. I also tipped him very well. We met a lot of people including soft escorts. Guys are really friendly but I would never trust girls from Riga.


Day time we were walking around doing tourist stuff and tasting food as I always do. First day we didn't know the currency yet but one of my friends asking me some prices for tablets. Since it is very expensive in Turkey we always try to get it outside of Turkey. We were in an electronic store and asking the price and telling my friend the price and I told him that we don't know the currency. He called me back and told me the currency is 3.16 Lira. Which is more than Euro. I thought everything was soo cheap but actually it was sooo expensive in some cases. Like tourist stuff. But alcohol was still cheap. Very cheap. I also bought some t-shirts for a really cheap price. And I still wear them after 3 years.


After learning the currency we decided to go lower budget. We were looking for a local food with local people price. We actually find a really nice place with homemade food and reasonable prices. Food was good and medieval design was very cool. I don't remember the name of the place but I am sure you will find it in old town. All the sightseeing are already in Old Town and you will find a lot of touristic information which I don't need to write here. I would recommend you to go to Riga. It is a lovely place but need to be careful about scams and beggars. We have been told that there is a good long beach in half hour away. The place called Jurmala. We didn't have the energy and motivation to go.


The weather was rainy and hot in the middle of August. You have to carry your umbrella or you get wet like us. People are usually aware of this or they get a cab. We couldn't find a cab for at least 20 minutes and we had to wait inside of a building. There are bicycle taxis in Riga. One of the guys modified his taxi with loud speakers and LED lights. The guy looked cool. But still we didn't take the taxi. It is time to go home. Nevertheless Riga has been fun for both of us and made us realize that world is not good always.


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