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For many years I had Lithuanian friends. There are many similarities between Lithuanians and Turkish people. Both do NOT like their own nation and like the other nation :). It is funny but true. I am the same. I like Lithuanians. I know everyone has their own thinking and reasons not to like their own nations. It still seems funny when I write this blog. I like it. I like the contrast. This city, for me, always been in a special city I don't know why. When I walk in streets I feel like home. Since I have been twice so far I already know where to go, what to do and how to spend my time. The only problem I couldn't widen my network much. I am a shy guy when it comes to meeting people. Especially in a foreign country. I have learnt some words and trying to use words as much as I can so I don't forget.

Maybe I fit in this city because people are a little bit pessimist. I understand that they have been under Russia for many years and the whole country is still like a baby in the woods. It is not easy to forget the past. But I am sure the next generation will be much happier. Because it is such a nice country that I wouldn't want to go out. I am sure first thing comes to your mind is the cold weather. I still don't understand why people are obsessed by the sun and warm weather. Cold is good. Not in people but in weather. I like having my hot chocolate in the cafe while I am watching the cold thru windows with my Lithuanian friend as much I enjoy a cold beer in a hot place. Both requires a company. I am lucky that I always had companies in Lithuania. All my friends are so lovely to me.

I don't find this city/country touristic. I wouldn't recommend to any tourist. But if you are a traveler you should spend sometime here. It still has a long and rich historical and cultural heritage. I know that back in the times when the country was bigger and stronger, Vilnius received the best architects and artists from all over Europe. City has amazing landscape, good food ( I am not comparing to Turkish food, I am comparing to other cities I have been) and nice looking kind people. Although city is almost empty on weekdays, it is going crazy over the weekend. I am not going to talk about what to do in Vilnius. Because it is easy; have fun :) .

Last time when I have visited Vilnius, like October 2014, Oh gosh sounds it has been ages, I have been a hippie area which I haven't been before. It is called Republic of Uzupis. They have declared themselves as a separate republic. Life seemed so easy there. It is in walking distance to old town. You know if you want to find hippies you have to walk up all the time :). when you do walk up, you will see the river and when you cross it you are already in. They have their own rules. Click here to see rules I think I am not objective about Lithuania and I don't know when and how I started loving Lithuania and Lithuanians but I am glad that I did. It is kinda weird. When most of people wouldn't know anything but it is cold about Lithuania I knew a few words and all major city names.

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