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Two continents one city. One of the most romantic cities. If you like romance if you like to be in love you could live here. I wish it was all true. Life is not that simple. To live in Istanbul is so hard. Why? One good example : traffic. If you want to go to work in the morning, it could take hours. Especially if you are going to Europe side from Asia. And most people do. Every morning waiting on the bridge. And every night same traffic. People can suicide there.

I like the view of Istanbul especially when the sun sets. If you come here you should go to somewhere sees Maiden's Tower before sunset and sit down and watch the view.

There are thousand of activities which you can find anything anytime. 7/24 living city. People usually go to Taxim. What are you looking for your trip to Istanbul? Culture? check. Entertainment? check. Romance? check. History? check. Sea? check. Sports? check. Shopping? check. Fests? check. You name it ! check.

Most part that I like about Turkey is food. All kind of food are awesome if you like meat and deserts, Istanbul is just a heaven. Even Istanbul is a nice city, even people are friendly to foreigners, I do not like being here.

What to eat

As I said before food is really awesome here. You can find different tastes. My favorite sea food restaurant is in Kadikoy. It is a cosy place where mostly visited by locals. You can try fish soup, fish meatball, kavurma and fish kokorec. You can also find classic sea foods. Click here for more Cag Kebabi for meal and kadayif dolmasi as desert in Eminonu Click here for more Breakfast in Guzelce hisar Click here for more Baklava in GulluogluClick here for more

Where to go

For some cities or places you can write here some names and visit. But not for Istanbul. There are hundreds of places to visit. Istanbul where history and entertainment and culture and business centers and shopping centers meet. :). I will write the places you MUST see. I will not describe places for you because it would be like millions of pages.