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Where to Eat 
1- Best place for sea food. They dont have alcohol there. It is also a cheap place for a seafood. It is in Asian side. 
2- It is a good place to have some Turkish Raki and some meze. Mixed style of food-meze (Turkish and Greek). It is not cheap as 1st one but not expensive either. It is also in Asian side. There are ferries from Karakoy as well (at the moment pier is under construction. You can walk from Kadikoy). Some of ferries which goes to Kadikoy stops at there. 

3- A place to have calm nice evening with friends. They produces their own wine. It is not expensive but quality is high. They have some international cuisine. If it s not raining it s the one of the best places to go for a drink. 
4- They have amazing view. Sometimes you need to book a seat. Food are very good. Service could be a little bit pushy. Prices are higher than most of places. 
5- This place is very cosy. Ceilings are low. Place is small. But the atmosphere is very good. There are lots of foreigners there. Food is really good. 
6- One different kind of döner. It is called Cag Kebabı. It is fatty and tastes amazing. Must try. It is in touristic area so you will not miss it . 
7- I havent been here for a long time but I am sure they are still good. All kind of kebabs. 
8- This is another kebab place. They are good at kebab and they have different kind of kebabs which you can not find everywhere. 
9- This place has 3 different stores in the same area. One of them is a place where you can eat and drink meat and kebab. Another one has pita, lahmacun (turkish pizza) etc. And 3rd one has homemade food which is really good. I would suggest you to try homemade food. This place is in Asian side again. When you go to Kadıkoy you need to walk 10-15 min. 
10- You will see Kasap döner in many places. It is a döner place you can not have mnything else. Kinda expensive according to other döner places but it worths the Money. They have branch offices all over the İstanbul. If you see one and if you are hungry you can just jump in. There is one next to our Office and I spent at least one lunch per week there. Sometimes twice. 
Where to have breakfast. 
There are lots of places to have breakfast but in a short time in İstanbul it really doesnt worth to go. 
1- You have breakfast in the hotel but in case you will not you can go this place for a breakfast or for a brunch. 
2- Since it s close to our Office some time to time I have my breakfast here. It is in touristic area so… 
3- One of my favourite place in Istanbul to have a breakfast but since it might rain anytime and hard to Access you may not go there. 
4- One of the best places to have a breakfast. And It is in Asian side. You need to take a ride from Kadıköy. 
Where to have a drink. 
1- I think this is the place to be in Istanbul to get drunk. This weekend they are celebrating their 18th bday. Also other barsa re around. Of course it s in Asian side. Customers are mostly locals and foreign locals (erasmus student, people who are from abroad and live in Istanbul for a long time). It is in bars Street so you can do a pub crawling. 
2- Recently opened but got popüler easily. It is a nice place to get drunk. Yes Of course it is in Asian side :. Aslo there are 2 other places next to Ayı bar. They ae also good. 
3- I like the atmosphere here. İt s also on my way to home so I stop there for a beer or more. 
4- There are some good music here on weekend. Good atmosphere. Reasonable price. Good service. 
5- Nevizade is a place where all the bars in. Any bar is almost the same here. Nowhere is bad. 
6- There are small streets above Istiklal Street. You may Explorer places. 
7- There are nice places around Ortakoy. I dont go there often so I can not really reccomend any places for you. If you have time to go there you may enjoy the view. 
Where to have desert 
1- Best waffles in town or in the World. 
2- Best baklava in the World. 
3- Any desert is really good. 
4- Best Ice cream in Istanbul. 
Places to hangout 
1- Nice cosy place. 
2- It is just next Cafe&Shop. Nice to have breakfast lunch drink or just any drink. 
3- You can explore the Street and cafes in Algeria Street. 
4- Best Photo spots for night photography if you are interested. Or you can go there to enjoy the view. It might be cold in this weather. 
Places to see : It might seem a lot but most of them close to each other and you really need more than a week to see all istanbul maybe two weeks. 
1-St.Irene(Aya Irini), 
2-Misir Çarsisi (Egyptian Bazaar), 
3- Kapali Çarsi (Grand Bazaar), 
4-Çemberlitas (Constantine Obelisk), 
5-Sultanahmet Mosque, 
6-Hagia Sophia (Ayasofya) Museum, 
7-Atatürk Museum, 
8- Çinili Kösk (Tiled Pavilion), 
9-Topkapi Palace, 
10-Suleymaniye Mosque, 
11-Theodosius Obelisk, 
12-Yerebatan Sarnici (Cistern), 
13-Çiragan Palace, 
14-The Dolmabahçe Palace, 
16-Beyoglu and Taksim, 
17-Golden Horn, 
18- Kiz Kulesi (Maiden's Tower) 
19-Galata Tower, 
One suggested route for a day or 2 map . Topkapı palace may take a lot of time. There might be long line to enter. Grand bazaar is also big. You may get lost there. :.

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