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My days in Germany is kinda slow. But still I managed to go a few places. So far, I have been to 2 small villages called Soltau and Munster, Hamburg only in night. I am visiting Lüneburg today and I have plans for Bremen for two days from now. Mostly my last day I will visit Hanover city center.

I have heard so nice things about this city. I didn't even know there is a city called Lüneburg. But my relatives suggested and I have no other nor better plans. My cousin also never been there so we go there together. We are going to drive. It is a winter time and there are lots of snow around which I am not used to. I like cold. But it is still colder than what I am used to. My relatives warned me about the road. They said it is curvy and dangerous when it is snowing. As far as I know it is very safe to drive in Germany so I don't really worry about it. I have my GPS. GPS tell me what the speed limit is and I see everyone is using speed limit. if it is 40 everyone driving at 40. Not 41 nor 39. That's so robotic. Anyway. Road is so straight that I have never seen a road like this in Turkey. Even Autobahns are curvy in Turkey. There are no lightning on the road. Not that we need it I just noticed it.

Finally we are in Lüneburg. I feel like I back in time. Everything is so old. You know some people do re-creation of some historical events in fairs. I felt like I am one of them. You see an old painting. Those buildings are so amazing. I am excited. I need to park my car and start taking photos. But it is not that easy to find a place to park. So many cars for such a small city. At last, we find a place. A little further than city center but still OK. Actually more than OK. We can discover more places.

We come back to city center by walk. It is so amazing. I felt the same way in Prague. Ok, I am not comparing to Prague but Lüneburg is not bad at all. We don't know what to do and I am looking for some high building where we can see the city from above. I see a water tower (. We wonder if we can get in. They say yes. We went to top floor to see but they had some platform for new year eve and they didnt pack them up yet so it was almost impossible to take a photo from there. It was a bit disappointing. On the staircase, which is recommend by the guy to go down by stairs in case of a beautiful angel of city, we see some brochures about the city and at least we have more info about the city.

Town Hall, Chamber of Commerce, Old Crane, Altes Kaufhaus (Old Store), Financial Department Building are other buildings to see after Water Tower. I have enjoyed but I wouldn't say to come here just to visit here. If you are around you should stop by this lovely city.

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