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Train Station is another disaster. However they designed the station you can get draft everywhere. Main reason must be to make people get cold. It must be the only place which makes you feel -2 as -20. I have tried to get some warm drink in a cafe. Of course they don't speak English so I have started speaking Turkish and now I was the annoying side. I felt good.


I was in the train finally. My roommate didn't speak English either but this time I was happy because I was tired and wanted to sleep instead of chip chat. But there were an old women in next room who speaks very loud and for hours. How can a person talk and the others just listen? Anyway I was so tired and fall asleep after sometime. Suddenly I have noticed that we are not moving for a long time. I had enough sleep. so I started to worry and then I understood that train was broken. I didn't really care. I was about to leave France. What can I do? I try to sleep more. I have another nice nap and then I woke up and still we are at the same place. Deja vu... Another short story. I was coming to Istanbul from Izmir. I was tired again and sleeping on the bus. I remember the petrol station and my eyes closed. I had my full sleep for 8 hours and woke up and first thing I saw was the same petrol station and there were no one in the bus but a note for me saying : we are at the petrol station.


I needed to learn what happened and when are we going to move again. Since everything is in French, I couldn't follow up. I hear some guy translating things to English. I have found the guy and learnt that the engine was broken. After 10 hours another engine comes and takes us to Germany. At least I wasn't hungry yet. But I was thirsty. At least they served water for free.


After a while announcements started in French and German. The only word I have understood is Göttingen. I assumed I had to go out and change the train for Hanover in Göttingen. I follow the crowd. They can't go wrong. Finally we have arrive to Hanover.


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