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It is the last day of 2010. New year New hopes right? Whatever. Me and my relatives are going to Hamburg. I am a bit worried about the fun I will get since the average is 45 years old if you exclude me. At least I will see Hamburg. There is a general description of having fun: music, dance and love. and fireworks of course. I have none of those. At least I could buy fireworks but I didn't feel like.

First we were heading to Harbor to park the car and take a train to Hamburg. Sounds like a good plan. It wasn't late for partying and it was early to take photos. It was between. It was just dark but Hamburg was shining on its own. It was a nice picture I could take to my brain instead of my camera. I still enjoy it. This is the northernmost I have been so far. It seems cold but I am to-warding my eyes to north. Still it wasn't enough.

Looking for a steakhouse. Everywhere is crowded. Finally we find somewhere around St. Pauli. This is an interesting place. One of the places you need to visit. It is not a touristic place. St. Pauli fans are known by their left-wing politics. They are not just a football club. They have rugby, boxing and other sports I don't know about. They have their own stadium and they are fanatics. Their biggest victory is to beat Bayern Munich 2-1 in 2001. Meanwhile they are at second league and Bayern Munich won Champions League previous season. They Call themselves Weltpokalsiegerbesieger (World Club Champion beaters). While we are talking about St. Pauli there is one open store so we get in to buy goods. And I see St. Pauli jersey's and t-shirts. I couldn't get one due lack of money at this time. Maybe in the future.

I told you it is a different place. They have the most famous red-light district here. When you walk around after it gets dark you can see it. But in a day time same places are "normal" places. I am like Amsterdam more famous right? They say no, it is St. Pauli. Well, you can't keep this argument for a long time.

After having some dinner we walk around and follow the crowd to celebrate the new year. I am not in the mood but this is a different experience. I am watching people who is firing fireworks. Looks cool. I see ice-fields in the see. I am looking at north again. Someone holding my hands a hot wine. Who can say no to this. End of the short night. There is nothing much to do. We are going back to the train station walking through this beautiful city. You can say it is gorgeous at first glance. The atmosphere, the feeling is so different, makes me feel alive, almost. I am still not in the mood. But still I admire the city. It is luxurious and expensive place. I would love to visit again. But that's it for now.

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