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Ah it was a very tiring day. I couldn't even sleep. Only good thing was the plane was empty so I could sit down where ever I want. Flight was delayed due to plane had some problem and they had to change the plane. It was shorter me sitting the exit seat and getting sleep than shutting down the fastest computer. It wasn't a bed but I was getting used to sleeping on floors on chairs basically everywhere. This kinda life, I like it.

Finally I was in Paris. The famous city you hear a lot of stories. Shockingly all good stories. It can't be true. And It wasn't. I needed help to get train station to buy my ticket to Hanover. But this snob French people wouldn't even talk in English. I heard this a lot but you know majority could be like this and some would be helpful. But no, not in Paris. They, all, are almost the same. I think it is just in Paris. Anyway there were Turkish people and they helped me to get around. But you have to deal with other Parisians (that's how they call themselves, I have another word but I keep it to myself now) on the road, on the market and everywhere which is normal. Anyway I went to buy my ticket to the gate after waiting a hour. They are sooo slow. The ticket price was about 40-45 euro when I checked on the internet but somehow I didn't buy it online and choose to buy it from Paris. But the "sweet" lady didn't sell me the 40 euro ticket and sold me 123 Euro ticket instead and when I try to get cheaper one she closed the gate and went away. One hour was enough to hate those people.

After paying 123€ I went to Chatalet to do some tourist walk. I didn't have breakfast. I didn't sleep. And like those are not enough I had to deal with this "sweet" people and I was really pissed off. I just saw places where I can get food and I just forgot anything and went to this street. There were lots of Kebab places but I would like to try french cuisine. There were small cute place looking at me and inviting me inside. I didn't have to think too much. Anything would be nice at the moment. There were literally no one who speaks English. The cook was Argentinian as far as I understood and the waiter was from Algeria. Algerian guy knew a few Turkish words but it was barely enough to order. The cook came and started to talk for half hour and I absolutely understood nothing. French soup was a good soup or I was too hungry or both. I was back in the mood again after soup, steak and desert trio.

After walking and taking enough of photos in Notr Damme I have tried to move to Eiffel Tower. It was another horrible story. The lady in tourist information didn't speak English. She claimed that she doesn't know English. I was gentle at first but I got angry after. And I proved her that she at least understand English. Anyway it is another long story. I finally arrived to Eiffel Tower. It was huge. It took time to find the angle I need to be able to take whole tower's photo at once. But it lead me some nice place where I can buy hot wine. One of the best moments. My camera on my hand, hot wine on the other, I wouldn't be less careless. Then everything seemed better. Girls were more beautiful after each glass. People didn't change they were the same.

Before I get on my train to Hanover I had to see Shanzelize. This famous, gorgeous Shanzelize. It is crowded. People are rude. Got my nervous up again. At least there were hot wine stands. I couldn't stay longer. I didn't have time to go to any museum. I didn't plan at all.

Finally I am at the train station. But I couldn't escape from problems yet. I had my ticket but till last moment I didn't know which Peron I needed to go. I have asked the guy at info desk many times and he always said "I don't know". There were less than 5 minutes to departure but there were no sign from the Peron on any screen. I heard someone speaking Turkish and asked him and He showed me the same second. He was just a citizen but knew more than train station's info desk. Finally it was the best moment in Paris. I was leaving. But you know there should be something wrong. Train got broke somewhere in France and we had to wait for 8 hours. Thank you France!

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