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Amazingly beautiful. I never known Prague is so awesome. Prague never lets you go out and i am happy with that. Heaven in the earth. I might tell some names that you should see. But all i want to say is how i was happy when I m in Prague. I want to tell a lot but don't know where to start. I miss you so much Prague. :) ))

There are lots of pubs and casinos. I have been to Bombay bar it was really great place. I experience Czech beer for a beer guy it was really good.Prague is like a painting. But there are bad things here too. Guys are very cover when you try to ask directions or something else they run away. Not girls they are helpful ,lovely and beautiful. I can guarantee if you are a guy you can fall in love with a girl. :) . for girls there are Italians and Turks :)). Taxi drivers and exchange… Be careful. they usually try to have more money from you or give less money when you exchange your money.

What to eat

Eating in the heart of Bohemia should be a nice experience for everyone and it should normally be able to satisfy any taste whatsoever. Traditional or international dishes, served at either neat, tour Prague oriented restaurants or fast food and sausage stands are waiting for you to give them a try so, make your pick! Dumplings (“knedliky”) are the Czech traditional side dish made from wheat or potato flour, boiled in water as a roll and then sliced and served hot. You may try Svicková or Rajská. I didn't :) . I suggest you to try every kind of beer and absent. Some of you know that absent is forbidden in some countries because of the alcohol it contains. Go to an absent bar and ask for absent. But, be careful.

Where to go

You must see St. Vitus and Charles Bridge. Most enjoy part of my trip was in medieval night. Such a great experience. You should see Old town and New town. Most important you must see the clock. Every hour, clock animates something. You will see that everyone stops and look at that. Mecca,Chapeau and Bombay are good bars. I think Mecca is the most popular one. There are too many casinos and night clubs. Some girls like this ” tonight I have a strip show wanna come and see me?” I don't remember everything in Prague :) , because I was drunk all the time. Don’t go home without trying absent and Czech beers.There are concert in O2 arena. You may go to a concert. As I know there are stag parties but I haven't been in any. There are interesting museums like sex machine museum. There is a communism museum.


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