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This year beginning of the May we had a long weekend. Me and a couple of colleagues decided to take this chance to travel to Cappadocia. I am from Turkey but I never had enough money to have a hot air balloon ride. It was an unobtainable opportunity for me to take the ride. I wouldn't miss it and I didn’t.

Hotels: check, flight tickets: check, so we are ready to go but first traffic jam in Istanbul awaits for us. After a short flight we had a bit longer bus ride to the center of Cappadocia. Weather conditions weren't promising for the next day to fly but my friend was telling us next day there will be flight most probably. And it happened the way he told us. So, we actually planned our 3 day stay there very well thanks to him. 

There are 2 main tours where you can enjoy and cover almost anything in Cappadocia. They call it green and red tour. We took the green tour as far as I remember because it covers the most of the area and the underground city named Derinkuyu. Instead of taking red tour we rented ATVs on our last day and we went almost all of the red tour areas with it. And it was more fun than I could imagine. İt was the first time I get on an ATV and I really liked it. 

Second day we were lucky enough to have a balloon ride. As a person who has a fear of height it was a big deal flying up in the air in basket. Thank god we had a nice smooth flight. There is a link below where you can actually look at the pictures I have taken. I am trying hard to explain the feeling I had over there up in the air. It seems that it is impossible. If you are reading this I can tell you that if you ever come to Turkey and have a chance to go to Cappadocia don't hesitate even for a second. If you need any help, my friend Seyit will help you. You can contact him at: Not just for Cappadocia, many places in Turkey. 

Next Cappadocia there is another town called Goreme which is famous with its wine. Here you can enjoy home-made or company made local wines with your good friends at sunset like I did or with your significant other which is the best. Don’t forget to try wines from Turasan and Kocabag. I am not a wine person but as any other person I can enjoy a good wine time to time. It might seem a bit expensive than most of the wine countries, it is just because of taxes. You can reach Goreme by bus or by taxi. Of course, you can also rent a car. Bus is the cheapest option up to 3 people. If you are more than 3, I can recommend going there by taxi. But as always negotiate with the driver before you get in. Taxi drivers will try to get more Money from you anywhere anytime.

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