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Since I have booked my return ticket from Tallinn, my time in Finland came to an end. I was more planned this time. First day of 2015 and I am already travelling to another country another city where I have never been. I checked the location of the hostel I am staying in. Easy to Access after getting out of the ferry from Helsinki. Clean and neat place. Workers are very friendly. Name of the hostel is United Backpackers. Not far from old town. 10 minutes by walk. Tallinn is already a small city. I only used taxi to go to the airport which is only 5 km. away from the hostel. There were also one Turkish guy who came to Tallinn to study and staying in the hostel.


After I have checked in to the hostel I couldn’t resist to the sounds coming from my stomach and head to out to find a place to eat. Prices are very high. Cheaper than Finland but still very high. During my stay I have found 2 good places to eat. Goodwin steak house and Rataskaevu 16. For breakfast I couldn’t find something to eat. Raw salmon is not my thing for the breakfast. J


At first glance you will see that Tallinn is a small and sweet city with a lot of historical buildings and wind. I spent most of my time in or around of Old Town. At the entrance of old town you will see 2 towers and Viru Gate between them. All the streets with in this are are very small. İt is impossible to go with car except the main square. You will travel back in time while you are walking. Raekoja plats is build in 1322 and still rock solid. Also people who works in some restaurants and some people who is trying to sell you stuff wears traditional clothes. The road took me up on Toompea hill. The view is amazing. It was cold and windy when I get there. If you have a hot beverage it will help.


They have planted WiFi Access Points all over the city so you will not have any problem with connecting to internet. It wasn’t the best quality but I think it is a huge thing. Registered Tallinn residents are entitled to use public transportation for free.There are a lot of Russians. St. Petersburg is close. But as far as I see they don’t like Russians much. When I was going to airport I called a taxi. Taxi driver was a bit rude but who cares. When I get in the taxi he asked where I am from with a cold voice. When I said I am from Turkey he turned around and started smiling and telling me stories from the time he was in Turkey.


What to see

 -  Town Hall Square

 - Kohtuotsa viewing platform.

 - Kiek in de kök

Tallin town wall


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