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It was a new year time that we planned to go to Copenhagen with my 4 friends. Just a day before the flight I had to work until 2 am. I woke up at 6 am and packed my stuff and went to work. Again, I had to work until 9 pm. My flight was at midnight. I could barely go on time to the airport as usual. I think I love being afraid to lose my flight. There could be no other explanation, right?


Another challenge has started when we land. Nobody ever checked how to go to the hotel and it is after midnight. Since I travel a lot people usually rely on me but I travel for the unknown. For the feeling to have something for the first time. To get lost and find myself. Anyway, after years of experience I easily figured out how to go to the hotel. Of course we travel on budget and we don't pay for the taxi and I love using public transportation in a foreign country. Only then I really feel like I am there. While we are on budget we also booked a hostel. Well, it didn't go well with our lady friends. They didn't want to share a room with someone else. It was 3 am and they were dealing for a different room. I was already settled in my bed and relaxed. I was thinking about the breakfast. It is usually something we are not used to. They offer some sweet pastry and cereal. I love Turkish breakfast. Some cheese, eggs, tomato, cucumber, honey and jam with bread. That's a minimum breakfast. In the morning I was surprised that there is cheese and very good one. 

After the breakfast we went out to see the city. Ladies in the team started feeling cold 10 minutes later. We barely reached Tivoli. Before we leave the hotel we get our Copenhagen cards. Which lets us use public transportation and enter some museums for free including Tivoli. As any other Nordic cities here it is expensive too. Tivoli is an amusement and entertainment park. Since it was cold and dark most of the time we couldn't get entertained too much. But still it is a nice place and no need to go there first thing in the morning like we did. During day time usually families with children are visiting. After Tivoli we had a walk to Stroget. It took us nearly 20 minutes to get there and first thing we did was go to a cafe since girls were too cold. It is equivalent street to Taxim in Istanbul. but shorter. It is a shopping street and girls went crazy. Magasin du Nord was our favorite. Next day we started where we left of. Walked to Nyhavn. On the way we stopped by Charlottenborg Palace. Unfortunately, it was under renovation. For me it was more important to enjoy a beer in Nyhavn. We all know this colorful houses from Copenhagen in the photos. Before I go here I was dreaming that I was sipping my beer at this view. I finally did it. We took the boat tour. It was around 40 KR. Totally worth it. 

One of the interesting places is Christiania. A free-town in Copenhagen. It is another world. There many homemade houses, art galleries, music venues, workshops. One thing doesn't change is the beautiful nature of Denmark. At the entrance you will see "do’s" and "don’ts" and please take them seriously. It is the hipster area of Copenhagen as you can guess. There is a membership based organization named Gay House where gay, lesbian and transgender meet for cultural activities. Copenhagen is LGBT friendly in general. There are many places for concerts such as Loppen, The Grey Hall. We were too tired to go out at night. 

Art lovers would love Copenhagen. All kind of arts are exhibited here. Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Copenhagen Contemporary and The National Gallery of Denmark should be in your list. National Museum is also one of good museums in Copenhagen. I was more interested in Carlsberg brewery. It is kind of museum too where you can hangout and drink beer and learn about the evolution of beer-making. We arrived there late. We didn't think that they would close early (17:00). You need to take a bus from city center. Entrance fee was 100 KR. With Copenhagen card it is free.

Copenhagen has a few Michelin-starred restaurants but they are out of our radar. I heard good restaurants with no stars and they were quite expensive too. For lunch we went for kebabs. For dinner, we went to Vinbaren Vesterbro Torv. It was affordable and wine was really good. Since we liked it we went there again and again.

It was a tense and fast holiday at the end. It was hard to come back. I could spend rest of my life there easily. I believe there are more to see and more to do. I need to come back on a summer. Until the next time we meet again...